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Breaking News

Filament Games Launches Backyard Engineers Physical Science Engineering Game

News/Breaking News - Posted 19 Feb 2015

ParentSquare's Analytics Dashboard to Help Schools Measure and Improve Parent Engagement

News/Breaking News - Posted 19 Feb 2015

Schoology to Power Henry Mancini Online Arts Curriculum from Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center

News/Breaking News - Posted 18 Feb 2015

EBSCO Information Services Expands eBook Offerings With 27 New Subject Sets

News/Breaking News - Posted 17 Feb 2015

THIRTEEN's Award-Winning History Game Series Mission US Launches its Fourth Virtual Adventure for Teens

News/Breaking News - Posted 12 Feb 2015

ABC-CLIO Announces “Think Out Loud” Innovation Grant Recipients

News/Breaking News - Posted 10 Feb 2015

MIND Research Institute's K-12 Game-a-thon Invites Students to 'Math Your Own Adventure'

News/Breaking News - Posted 09 Feb 2015

Gale Revamps Popular Product Lines to Create a Unified, Improved and Mobile-Optimized User Experience

News/Breaking News - Posted 05 Feb 2015 Unveils New High School Digital Literacy Course for District Implementation

News/Breaking News - Posted 04 Feb 2015

Curriculum Associates Launches New Math App to Help Students Develop Fact Fluency and Computational Fluency

News/Breaking News - Posted 22 Jan 2015

SMART Technologies Announces SMART Notebook 2015 Collaborative Learning Software

News/Breaking News - Posted 19 Jan 2015

WizIQ Introduces Mobile Learning Platform for Live Interactive Classes on Mobile Devices

News/Breaking News - Posted 15 Jan 2015



TOOLS FOR LEARNING: The Bring-Your-Own Dilemma

Student devices are enjoying widespread use in classrooms. The usage question is no longer about "how much," but about "how well." Victor's got some stats, plus views and advice from a range of educators.
Posted 01 Mar 2015
- Mar/Apr 2015 Issue By

Grazing, Looping, and Skimming: Understanding Students’ Digital Habits

The digital and research habits that students learn online-in and out of school-influence their expectations for the resources they use in the course of their research. EBSCO user experience researcher Deirdre Costello and her team have delved into those habits and lay out their findings—and how they can help you as a librarian—here.
Posted 01 Jan 2015
- Jan/Feb 2015 Issue By

TOOLS FOR LEARNING: Search, Research, and Discovery, in Life and in Learning

For you, for your colleagues, for your students, or for your own pursuits—and in celebration of research—Victor provides a variety of useful tools for learning in the areas of search, research, and discovery for life and learning.
Posted 14 Nov 2014
- Nov/Dec 2014 Issue By

TOOLS FOR LEARNING: Mobile Learning has Gone App-Happy!: Trends and Tactics in Mobile Learning

As Victor Rivero reports, education apps account for 10.6 percent of available apps on Apple Store ... and that's 10.6 percent of a whole lot of apps! What's needed, then, is not another list of the 20 best, but a guide to the aggregators of education apps.
Posted 01 Sep 2014
- Sep/Oct 2014 Issue By



BELLTONES: Embrace Your Inner Doodler. Join the Sketchnoting Revolution!

Still smarting from a scolding in first grade for doodling on her paper in class, Mary Ann is gratified that educators have finally seen the light … and the learning value … in doodling, or, let's call it "sketchnoting."
Posted 01 Mar 2015
- Mar/Apr 2015 Issue By

IDEA WATCH: Ebooks–What Can We Learn From Students?

Ebook usage is taking off rather slowly in school libraries as compared to public libraries. With that in mind, Carolyn has dug into nationally gathered data on students and ebooks and is in the process of gathering and analyzing more locally. Learn how she's proceeding and what she's learning in this issue's Idea Watch.
Column/Idea Watch
Posted 01 Jan 2015
- Jan/Feb 2015 Issue By

THE PIPELINE: Influence--Real Makerspaces in School Libraries

Makerspaces: flashy trend or core to school libraries' mandate? Stephen asks the question, explores "making" in depth, and, unsurprisingly, urges you to support all types of spaces and the maker movement.
Column/The Pipeline
Posted 01 Jan 2015
- Jan/Feb 2015 Issue By

EDITOR'S NOTES: Today's Digital Students, Their Digital World, and Our Libraries

Column/Editor’s Notes
Posted 01 Jan 2015
- Jan/Feb 2015 Issue By

THE NEW MEDIA CENTER: Primary Sources--Enriching the Study of Historical Fiction

Primary sources such as "Migrant Mother," the iconic photo shown on the cover of Marisa Silver's novel Mary Coin, are perfect for enriching and extending students' understanding as they read historical fiction. Mary Alice offers up a bunch!
Column/The New Media Center
Posted 01 Nov 2014
- Nov/Dec 2014 Issue By

BELLTONES: Trumpeting About Internet Filtering

Mary Ann has been conducting surveys of school librarians on the issue of filtering for 6 years now, having completed her latest one this past summer. As she reports, there have definitely been improvements in a number of areas, but the problems persist.
Posted 01 Nov 2014
- Nov/Dec 2014 Issue By

CyberBee’s Web Pick
For March 1, 2015: Did you hear about "The Dress" that "broke the internet?" Why do we see some images in different ways? The Optical Society, a professional organization, has created a website called Optics for Kids that delves into the patterns, colors, and light that fool the brain.

Skaffl, LLC




PBS LearningMedia Digital Resource Offerings Surpass 100,000

New interactive content and lesson plans include the PBS Digital Studios series CRASH COURSE from Hank and John Green, KQED'S ART SCHOOL, and favorites from PBS and PBS KIDS series.
Posted 15 Jan 2015

New Mobile App from itslearning Keeps Students Updated on School Work and Teacher Feedback

Available for free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play, the itslearning app gives students a quick and easy overview of their upcoming tasks and events and also lets them send and receive messages.
Posted 06 Jan 2015

Smithsonian Brings Historic Specimens to Life in Free “Skin and Bones” Mobile App

The free app is available for download in the App Store and reinvents how visitors to the museum can experience select specimens on view in its historic "Bone Hall," an exhibit of almost 300 vertebrate skeletons.
Posted 13 Jan 2015

SMART Technologies Announces SMART Notebook 2015 Collaborative Learning Software

The latest version of the collaborative learning software will offer a number of new features, including the lesson activity builder and concept mapping. Additionally, new features and content partners for SMART amp will, together with Notebook, unlock the full collaborative potential of students, teachers, interactive displays and mobile devices, according to the announcement.
Posted 19 Jan 2015

MindLaunch Debuts "Intelligent Educator Match" to Custom-Match Students with Online Teachers

MindLaunch students of all ages now have the ability to quickly and easily select the kind of online teacher who best suits their needs and personality, and then be automatically matched and scheduled to begin a quality learning experience in any subject.
Posted 09 Jan 2015
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