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Cyberbee's Web Picks

Green Screen by Do Ink

For August 15, 2017: Want to create movies with a flare? Try using a green screen to add another dimension. Green Screen by Do Ink will get you started.
Posted 15 Aug 2017 By

NASA's Total Solar Eclipse Site

For August 1, 2017: NASA has prepared a special NASA Total Eclipse site with loads of information, activities, and resources in anticipation of the August 21 event.
Posted 01 Aug 2017 By


For July 15, 2017: From the CK-12 Foundation's website, students can join in the fun of learning about math and science through a variety of simulations.
Posted 15 Jul 2017 By

Betsy Ross and the American Flag

For July 1, 2017: Questions about the American flag as we celebrate Independence Day? Direct them to The Betsy Ross site.
Posted 01 Jul 2017 By

Powers of Persuasion

For June 15, 2017: The famous Montgomery Flagg poster greets you as you enter the National Archives' Powers of Persuasion page.
Posted 15 Jun 2017 By

Kids TV Activity Guide

For June 1, 2017:At Direct TV's A Kid's Guide To Staying Active While Watching TV, Rico the Rhino reminds you (well, your kids) that less time sitting and more time moving are fundamental to a healthy life!
Posted 01 Jun 2017 By


For May 15, 2017: Founded in 2002 by Nobel Laureate Carl Wieman, the PhET Interactive Simulations project at the University of Colorado Boulder creates free interactive math and science simulations.
Posted 15 May 2017 By

Artists Toolkit: Visual elements and Principles

For May 1, 2017: Using the Artist's Toolkit, from nonprofit ArtsConnectEd, discover the tools of the trade like line, color, and balance to build works of art.
Posted 01 May 2017 By

Mission US

For April 15, 2017: Mission US is an interactive way to learn history. It is designed for middle and high school students and includes five games focused on critical historical events.
Posted 15 Apr 2017 By

Math is Fun

For April 1, 2017: At Math is Fun, math concepts are presented with colorful illustrations in an easy to understand fashion. They are followed with several types of activities from folding geometric shapes to interactive practice games and worksheets.
Posted 31 Mar 2017 By

Creek Connections

For March 15, 2017: As spring and summer approach, it's time to think about studying the water quality and habitats of creeks. Creek Connections is a partnership between Allegheny College and regional K-12 schools and uses the local waterways as outdoor laboratories.
Posted 15 Mar 2017 By

Unite for Literacy

For March 1, 2017: At Unite for Literacy, young readers will find loads of appealing non-fiction picture books to hone their reading skills.
Posted 01 Mar 2017 By

Smithsonian Kids

For February 15, 2017: It's time for an update. The Smithsonian Kids website has added lots of hands-on activities and games for children of all ages covering culture, history and science.
Posted 15 Feb 2017 By


For February 1, 2017: Epic's ebook library and subscription service includes many of the best kids books and popular books, such as  Fancy Nancy, Big Nate, Warriors, Ramona, and National Geographic Kids.
Posted 01 Feb 2017 By


For January 15, 2017: Teachers will appreciate the many ideas and resources that KQED's Mind/Shift KQED's Mind/Shift offers. Broad educational topics about how we will learn consist of Teacher Stories, Growth Mind/Shift, Teaching Strategies, Big Ideas, and Games and Learning.
Posted 15 Jan 2017 By

Bald Eagle Web Cam

For January 1, 2017: Although this will be a short lived Web pick, it is well worth a visit to the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam!!
Posted 01 Jan 2017 By

Practical Money Skills for Life

For December 15, 2016: Practical Money Skills for Life, from Visa, is designed to help educators, parents, and students practice better money management.
Posted 15 Dec 2016 By

Made with Code

For December 1, 2016: At Google's Made With Code website, your students can code their own festive emojis for the holiday using the Blockly web-based graphical programming tool.
Posted 01 Dec 2016 By


For November 15, 2016: CoSpaces is a virtual reality drawing program that will capture the minds of students who like to experiment with new tools.
Posted 15 Nov 2016 By

Good Calculators

For November 1, 2016: At the Good Calculators project, you and your students can choose from a wide variety of free online calculators that you will find handy in solving mathematical problems.
Posted 01 Nov 2016 By


For October 15, 2016: Register at ReadWorks for free access to reading comprehension lessons and reading passages designed for all grade levels.
Posted 14 Oct 2016 By

U.S. Electoral College

For October 1, 2016: It's election season, Big Time!! Time to find the answers to dozens of questions about that baffling institution, the U.S. Electoral College.
Posted 01 Oct 2016 By

Sit With Us App

For September 15, 2016: Sit With Us is a social networking app to "humanize" the school cafeteria. It allows students to create profiles and arrange lunches with friends from the privacy of their iPhone or iPad. Think about it!! Fight ostracism and even bullying!
Posted 15 Sep 2016 By

Constitutional Rights Foundation

For September 1, 2016: Visit the Constitutional Rights Foundation and delve into the history behind American freedoms. Featured on this site are the civic action project, civics on call , Common Core resources, and Constitution Day 2016.
Posted 01 Sep 2016 By

Mrs. Reader Pants

For August 15, 2016: Media specialists will love Mrs. Reader Pants, with its loads of ideas and tips. If you are new to the librarian profession, you'll want to check out the  10 Things You Should do First.
Posted 15 Aug 2016 By

Cyberbee's 2016 Election Lessons

For August 1, 2016: Now that the Republican and Democratic conventions are over and the candidates selected from both major and minor political parties, it is time to focus on the campaigns. Time for ... Cyberbee's 2016 Election Lessons!!!
Posted 01 Aug 2016 By


For July 15, 2016: Now that we have entered the lazy days of summer, it might be a good time for teachers to experiment with software tools like Labely.
Posted 15 Jul 2016 By

Formswift Common Core Lesson Templates

For July 1, 2016: Formswift contains user-friendly templates for creating math, science, and English lesson plans. It is completely free and their is no sign-up.
Posted 01 Jul 2016 By

American Forest Foundation

For June 15, 2016: Forests are fun places to learn about nature and the American Forest Foundation is a good starting point. One of its most valuable resources for teachers and students is the book Nature Activities for Families.
Posted 15 Jun 2016 By

Photos for Class

For June 1, 2016: Teachers who are looking for a safe place for their students to find images that they can use in projects and reports should look at the Photos for Class site, from StoryboardThat and their digital storytelling resources.
Posted 01 Jun 2016 By

Native American Cylinder Recordings

For May 15, 2016: After Thomas Edison invented the phonograph and a way to record sound in 1877, several professional and amateur ethnologists began documenting American Indian music, culture, and traditions. Information was recorded on wax cylinders, Ediphone cylinders, and grooved phonograph records so that future generations would be able to hear the songs and stories in their native language.
Posted 15 May 2016 By

National Institute on Aging

For May 1, 2016: The National Institute on Aging is a government sponsored institute that provides information on health and aging. High school students will find this site extremely useful when writing papers about diseases such as Alzheimer's that afflict older individuals.
Posted 01 May 2016 By


For April 15, 2016: Get animated at ABCYA!! At the site, students can create animations by selecting backgrounds and objects, then add colored shapes, paint pictures, and add dialogue.
Posted 15 Apr 2016 By


For April 1, 2016: Current events discussions are great ice breakers for any subject. Newsela provides numerous articles that teachers can use to introduce current events into their curriculum.
Posted 01 Apr 2016 By


For March 15, 2016: Have you ever wondered what it takes to light a match, or how bees make honey? At Wonderopolis, students will find all sorts of interesting and fun facts by clicking on Explore Wonders.
Posted 15 Mar 2016 By

Wonder Workshop Robotic Apps

For March 1, 2016: Using Wonder Workshop Robotic Apps, students can discover how to program and manipulate the robots named dash and dot with several different apps designed for ages 8+.
Posted 01 Mar 2016 By

Little Bird Tales

For February 15, 2016: Elementary and Middle school teachers will appreciate Little Bird Tales, a simple storytelling program that they can use to create lessons or engage their students.
Posted 15 Feb 2016 By

Bitesize, from BBC Education

For February 1, 2016: BBC Education has assembled a wide array of lessons for primary and secondary education at its Bitesize website-"The home of revision and learning resources."
Posted 01 Feb 2016 By


For January 15, 2016: Screencast-O-Matic is an easy to use tool for capturing screen or webcam shots up to 15 minutes in length. You can record in your browser or download an app.
Posted 15 Jan 2016 By

Twenty Kids Videos About Sustainability

For January 1, 2016: From the Sustainability Hub, here are 20 motivational videos for students that help them understand the importance of energy conservation.
Posted 01 Jan 2016 By

Make Beliefs Comix

For December 15, 2015: If you need a fun tool to keep kids engaged on a rainy day, try introducing them to Make Beliefs Comix, an interactive comic strip maker.
Posted 15 Dec 2015 By

The Pervasive Menace Music Video

For December 1, 2015: Every day bridges, automobiles, aircraft, and hundreds of other items made of metal corrode bit by bit. Produced for the DoD Corrosion Office by Bruno White Entertainment as part of a comprehensive series of videos about corrosion, The Pervasive Menace describes the degradation process through sound and visual images. This video would be a great introduction to any lesson involving corrosion.
Posted 01 Dec 2015 By

Lab Safety 101

For November 15, 2015: Before students begin investigations and scientific experimentation, make sure they understand lab safety. Start at the Lab Safety 101 site.
Posted 15 Nov 2015 By

Math Learning Center Free Apps

For November 1, 2015: The Math Learning Center Organization has created eight great math apps that will work on the web, iPad, and Android.
Posted 01 Nov 2015 By

Healthy Schools Program

For October 15, 2015: The Alliance for a Healthier Generation enables stakeholders to assess and create an action plan in their schools that helps students to eat healthy and participate in regular physical activity.
Posted 15 Oct 2015 By


For October 1, 2015: Joining JumpStart at one of the tiered membership levels allows full access to their entire product line, including MathBlaster. But there are also free resources that parents, teachers, and students will find beneficial in the learning process.
Posted 01 Oct 2015 By


For September 15, 2015: Use InstaCollage to create a delightful collage of photographs of your students and their activities to share with parents via social networks like email, Instagram, Twitter, Flicker, Facebook, and more.
Posted 15 Sep 2015 By

Celebrating the Constitution!

For September 1, 2015: Here are two sites-The Constitution: That Delicate Balance and Celebrate the Constitution-to help students kick offf the school year by getting into the Constitution.
Posted 01 Sep 2015 By

Bullying Awareness Guidebook

For August 15, 2015: With the start of the new school year, teachers should consider educating their students about bullying in all of its forms. The Bullying Awareness Guidebook is an excellent resource on the topic.
Posted 15 Aug 2015 By

National Geographic Young Explorer

For August 1, 2015: Introduce young children to wildlife and cultures from around the world with National Geographic Young Explorer's interactive books.
Posted 01 Aug 2015 By

CampSilos: The History Center Excursion

For July 15, 2015: Picture your students as curators, historians, and archivists in a museum. CampSilos: The History Center Excursion, sponsored by the National Parks Service's Silos and Smokestacks National Heritage Area, virtually enables that!!
Posted 15 Jul 2015 By

USGS Dinosaurs: Facts and Fiction

For July 1, 2015: The movie "Jurassic World" broke box office records when it opened. So the fascination with dinosaurs is alive and well and that leads to lots of questions. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) website Dinosaurs: Facts and Fiction is a good starting point.
Posted 01 Jul 2015 By

Mummy Experiment

For June 15, 2015: From Science Kids at Home, here's a great activity called Mummy Experiment!
Posted 15 Jun 2015 By

Appy Pie App Builder

For June 1, 2015: Interested in experimenting with app building? Try the Appy Pie app builder, an intuitive and easy tool, even for beginners.
Posted 01 Jun 2015 By

Stick Around

For May 15, 2015: Play, design and share puzzles with your friends and family using the Stick Around app.
Posted 15 May 2015 By

Explain Everything

For May 1, 2015: Wow! You can have a whiteboard on your handheld device. Explain Everything is an easy-to-use design, screen casting, and interactive whiteboard tool that lets you annotate, animate, narrate, import, and export almost anything to and from almost anywhere.
Posted 01 May 2015 By

Geology for Kids

For April 15, 2015: From, this fun study site-"An in-depth online geology textbook written for kids"-includes five chapters to get kids into the study of geology.
Posted 15 Apr 2015 By

Cool Tool: The Background Eraser App

For April 1, 2015: You don't need a high priced photo editing tool to erase backgrounds in your pictures. Try the Eraser app.
Posted 01 Apr 2015 By

GPS Hide and Seek

For March 15, 2015: Do your students have cabin fever? Here's a great solution that will get them outdoors: a GPS lesson from the Science Spot.
Posted 15 Mar 2015 By

Optics For Kids

For March 1, 2015: Did you hear about "The Dress" that "broke the internet?" Why do we see some images in different ways? The Optical Society, a professional organization, has created a website called Optics for Kids that delves into the patterns, colors, and light that fool the brain.
Posted 01 Mar 2015 By


For February 15, 2015: The Footprints app that was designed to allow parents to keep track of their kids has some upbeat educational uses as well. For example, it can be used on field studies of ecosystems.
Posted 15 Feb 2015 By

Web Weather for Kids

For February 1, 2015: Want to become a weather forecaster? (Or just revel in meteorological science!) Check out the National Center for Atmospheric Research's Center for Science Education website, Web Weather for Kids.
Posted 01 Feb 2015 By

A Durable Memento: Portraits by Augustus Washington

For January 15, 2015: At the National Portrait Gallery's "A Durable Memento: Portraits by Augustus Washington" website, learn about one of the few African American daguerreotypists whose work has been identified.
Posted 15 Jan 2015 By

On the Underground Railroad

For January 1, 2015: At, the online division of History Happens, a brief history of the Underground Railroad is presented through a combination of rap, gospel music, and visuals.
Posted 31 Dec 2014 By


For December 15, 2014: Teachers will be delighted by the Duolingo site, where students can dig into a foreign language.
Posted 15 Dec 2014 By


For December 1, 2014: Using Discovery Education's Puzzlemaker, your students can create puzzles and games for flyers, newsletters, or the classroom.
Posted 01 Dec 2014 By

Hangouts with Matt Gomez

For November 15, 2014: Never been on a Google Hangout? At Hangouts with Matt Gomez you'll learn how to create and use this feature for professional development as Matt demonstrates great ways to use technology through a series of You Tube Videos.
Posted 15 Nov 2014 By


For November 1, 2014: Check out StoryBee--a great starting point for language arts teachers--to hear professional storytellers like Native American Debra Morningstar spin tales such as How Raccoon Got His Mask.
Posted 01 Nov 2014 By

BAM! Body and Mind

For October 15, 2014: The BAM! Body and Mind site, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, offers loads of information and interactive activities on all aspects of keeping healthy.
Posted 15 Oct 2014 By

Pacer's National Bullying Prevention Center

For October 1, 2014: October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and Pacer's National Bullying Prevention Center website is an excellent starting point.
Posted 01 Oct 2014 By

Landmark Supreme Court Cases

For September 15, 2014: Constitution Day will be celebrated on Wednesday September 17, 2014, and the Bill of Rights Institute's Landmark Supreme Court Cases website is a great topical resource for your students!
Posted 15 Sep 2014 By


For September 1, 2014: Back in School? Need resources? Ideas to refresh your mind after summer vacation? InformEd is a learning and teaching hub designed for educators and e-learners, featuring resources and interactive and innovative ideas for learning and trends in education as well as education technology.
Posted 01 Sep 2014 By

GPS Hide and Seek

For June 15, 2014: Need some summer "study" ideas? GPS Hide and Seek is a complete lesson to use with students ... and a fun summer activity!
Posted 15 Jun 2014 By

Kids: Treasure/Scavenger Hunts

For June 1, 2014: School's out (or soon will be)! Send kids exploring inside and outside with ideas about scavenger hunts from the Pinterest Kids Treasure/Scavenger Hunts website.
Posted 01 Jun 2014 By


For May 15, 2014: After a year of high powered learning, it's time to have some summer fun at Kizi.
Posted 15 May 2014 By


For May 1, 2014: Kinderart is just one example of some terrific websites that provide printable lessons about famous artists and step-by-step instructions for duplicating their artistic styles.
Posted 01 May 2014 By

Common Sense Media

For April 15, 2014: Have you seen the Common Sense Media television ads with the catchy jingle "Pause and Think Online"? It is certainly worth a look, as is their Digital Citizenship curriculum.
Posted 15 Apr 2014 By


For April 1, 2014: SpellingCity is a must-have app for Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch. Basic users can customize word lists and choose games or spelling test activities to use with their students.
Posted 01 Apr 2014 By


For March 15, 2014: Graph functions, plot tables of data, and much more at Desmos with this free graphing calculator designed for grades 6-12.
Posted 15 Mar 2014 By


For March 1, 2014: Select, organize, and share your Webmix (a group of websites) with students using this handy tool from SymbalooEdu.
Posted 01 Mar 2014 By

Story Arts Online

For February 15, 2014: At her Story Arts Online site, accomplished storyteller Heather Forest masterfully walks you through the storytelling process.
Posted 15 Feb 2014 By


For February 1, 2014: Technology teachers who teach students how to build webpages should visit Weebly, a free tool that is intuitive and easy to use.
Posted 01 Feb 2014 By

Awesome Eats Game

For January 15, 2014: Elementary teachers looking for a fun way to teach students about nutrition and recycling should check out the Whole Kids Foundation's Awesome Eats, a free app for the iPhone or iPad.
Posted 15 Jan 2014 By

Influence of Prominent Abolitionists

For January 1, 2014: From the Library of Congress' African-American Mosaic, the Influence of Prominent Abolitionists pages offer images, documents, and broadsides that illuminate the influence of the Abolitionists during the nineteenth century in American history.
Posted 01 Jan 2014 By

Anybody Can Learn Code

For December 15, 2013: Solve Angry Bird and Zombie puzzles with drag and drop programming with the help of, a non-profit dedicated to expanding participation in computer science education.
Posted 15 Dec 2013 By

Energy Star Kids

For December 1, 2013: Be an energy star by discovering how to become more energy efficient throught the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Star Kids website.
Posted 01 Dec 2013 By

Smithsonian X 3D

For November 15, 2013: Through state of the art scanning methods, the Smithsonian is transforming their collection into 3D objects, and you can check it out at their Smithsonian X 3D website.
Posted 15 Nov 2013 By

Art Cyclopedia

For November 1, 2013: Over 9,000 artists are represented in the Art Cyclopedia, a website run by John Malyon, with links to more than 160,000 works.
Posted 01 Nov 2013 By

New York Philharmonic Kidzone

For October 15, 2013: Make your own instrument, meet musicians, play Mozart's Minuet game, and learn about composers at the New York Philharmonic's Kidzone.
Posted 15 Oct 2013 By

Think Like an Egyptian

For October 1, 2013: Presented by the Franklin Institute and sponsored by Mellon, the Think Like an Egyptian site includes many resources for the teaching of science while studying Ancient Egypt.
Posted 01 Oct 2013 By

National Atlas

For September 15, 2013: Geography teachers will find a treasure trove of tools to use in their classrooms at the National Atlas Website. For starters, students can trace the flow of America's streams with an interactive map.
Posted 15 Sep 2013 By

Map Reading Activities

For September 1, 2013: Looking for an introduction to latitude and longitude? The World Map Activity at the Saskatoon Public Schools' Online Learning Centre site visually explains concepts such as latitude, longitude, equator, prime meridian, degrees, and more.
Posted 01 Sep 2013 By

NEA Back to School Guide

For August 15, 2013: School is just around the corner and teachers are looking for ideas to create inviting learning spaces. The National Education Association has compiled a wealth of resources with ideas to brighten the decor of any classroom and coordinate with the subject matter that is being taught.
Posted 15 Aug 2013 By

PE Central

For August 1, 2013: At PE Central, many activities are provided for physical education teachers to use in their daily instruction, including interdisciplinary lessons, best practices, and technology.
Posted 01 Aug 2013 By

Traditional Children's Games from Around the World

For July 15, 2013: Jump rope, hopscotch, and tag are games children play around the world. Read all about some some of them in this issue of Topics Online Magazine.
Posted 15 Jul 2013 By


For July 1, 2013: Have some fun creating "word clouds" in Wordle. Type text, play around with it, publish it, and see what you've wrought!
Posted 01 Jul 2013 By

Glogster EDU

For June 15, 2013: For students, designing and making a Glog--an online media poster--is a snap. Sign up for a free account at Glogster EDU.
Posted 15 Jun 2013 By


For June 1, 2013: Add pizzazz to your online lessons with the free voiceover tool Voki.
Posted 01 Jun 2013 By


For May 15, 2013: Animoto is a great tool for creating trailers on nearly every subject, from bios to travelogues to books. There are several pricing levels, but the lite plan allows you to create a 30 second video for free.
Posted 15 May 2013 By

Scholastic Summer Challenge

For May 1, 2013: The Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge begins May 6 and is designed to keep kids reading and prepared in a friendly, competitive way. Educators can track the reading progress of their students and access classroom resources by registering their classes.
Posted 01 May 2013 By

Science News for Kids

For April 15, 2013: Science News for Kids offers current science stories and features presented in an understandable format accompanied with suggestions for hands-on activities, books, and websites.
Posted 15 Apr 2013 By

Create a Fossil

For April 1, 2013: Many states include the study of fossils as part of the curriculum during the spring, and Cyberbee's current Web Pick, Create a Fossil, from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, can be a big help.
Posted 01 Apr 2013 By

CIA World Fact Book

For March 15, 2013: The World Fact Book, published annually by the Central Intelligence Agency, provides information about countries around the world, including population, maps, flags, and other statistical data.
Posted 15 Mar 2013 By

Math Terms

For March 1, 2013: This week we continue to focus on reference apps that teachers and middle to upper grade students will find useful in the classroom. Math Terms is an illustrated glossary of over 1,000 mathematical concepts.
Posted 01 Mar 2013 By

WORLD BOOK - This Day in History

For February 15, 2013: Building the reference collection continues with World Book's free This Day in History app for the iPad.
Posted 15 Feb 2013 By

National Geographic World Atlas

For February 1, 2013: Begin building your classroom reference collection with this free iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad app from National Geographic.
Posted 01 Feb 2013 By

Alliant Energy Kids

For January 15, 2013: Learn about the basics of electricity and natural gas, including safety and renewable energy sources at Alliant Energy's Alliant Energy Kids site.
Posted 15 Jan 2013 By

IXL Math

For January 1, 2013: IXL Math is a site for all ages that allows students to practice math skills. Problems are organized by grade level, timed, and scored. If a problem is missed, an explanation is provided to help the student understand the concept and continue.
Posted 01 Jan 2013 By

The Lincoln Institute

For December 15, 2012: The Lincoln Institute, a project of The Lehrman Institute, has produced several sites devoted to the study of Abraham Lincoln. Of particular interest to teachers is Abraham Lincoln's Classroom that features Lincoln's Daily Story, Quote of the Day, Quiz of the Week, Cartoon Corner, and a Library with speeches and timelines.
Posted 15 Dec 2012 By


For December 1, 2012: Omniglot is a very handy reference that's chock full of information related to languages and writing systems. Alphabets, useful phrases, and word origins are examples of the multilingual resources for foreign language teachers and students.
Posted 01 Dec 2012 By

Science Buddies

For November 15, 2012: Students looking for science fair projects will find loads ideas at Science Buddies, a non-profit organization that "empowers K-12 students, parents, and teachers to quickly and easily find free project ideas and help in all areas of science from physics to food science and music to microbiology."
Posted 15 Nov 2012 By

In Search of the Novel

For November 1, 2012: Need some ideas and tips for teaching novels? Check out In Search of the Novel, a free online video workshop produced by Annenberg Learner.
Posted 01 Nov 2012 By


For October 15, 2012: The free A.Word.A.Day service from Wordsmith is a great way to encourage your students to hone their vocabulary skills.
Posted 15 Oct 2012 By

Mind Research Institute ST Math

For October 1, 2012: Meeting Common Core standards, ST (Spatial Temporal) Math teaches problem solving through visual manipulatives. Students are engaged in language-independent software that enhances their abilities to explain, understand, and solve multi-step problems.
Posted 01 Oct 2012 By


For September 15, 2012: If you are looking for a course or learning management system for your school, consider the free open source tool called Moodle.
Posted 15 Sep 2012 By

iBooks Author

For September 1, 2012: Take your lessons to a whole new level with the free iBooks Author app for Mac. Create dynamic content for your students, including text, photo galleries, interactive visuals, movies, chapter reviews, and more.
Posted 01 Sep 2012 By

Steve Spangler Science

For August 15, 2012: Science teachers looking for supplies and classroom experiments will be delighted with the wealth of resources available at the Steve Spangler Science website. Sign up for the experiment of the week or deal of the day.
Posted 15 Aug 2012 By

Ology: the AMNH Science Website for Kids

For August 1, 2012: Choose an "ology" at Ology, the American Museum of Natural History's website for kids, and dive in to lots of hands-on science activities.
Posted 01 Aug 2012 By

Summer, Sidewalks, and Chalk!

For July 15, 2012: Summer is the perfect time for neighborhoods and communities to unleash the artistic talent of kids through sidewalk chalk art. To get started with some ideas, visit these sites.
Posted 15 Jul 2012 By

2012 summer Olympics

For July 1, 2012: Splash into the London Olympics at Time for Kids. Watch Road to London, a video marking 100 days to the Olympics plus interviews with Olympic and Paralympic legends and hopefuls, and lots more.
Posted 01 Jul 2012 By

Amphibian Ark

For June 15, 2012: Blue Poison Dart frogs and other amphibians are in danger! Visit Amphibian Ark to learn about them, what's killing them, why it matters (Yes, it does!), and what's being done about it.
Posted 15 Jun 2012 By

Kids and Hiking

For June 1, 2012: It's summer and time for some hiking adventures in a local, state, or national park. At the Kids and Hiking pages on the REI website, the folks at REI provide tons of information about camping, backpacking.
Posted 01 Jun 2012 By

Kid Blocks

For May 15, 2012: Create and build in 3D with Kid Blocks from miSoft, a free app for iPhone and iPad.
Posted 15 May 2012 By

Geocaching with Kids

For May 1, 2012: Find treasure caches and solve problems by using a GPS with your students. Teachers, parents, and students will be able to gather many ideas for their GPS trek by visiting Geocaching with Kids.
Posted 01 May 2012 By

Science House: Video Science

For April 15, 2012: At the Science House Foundation's Video Science site, science teacher Dan Menelly, from the UN International School, presents a series of experiments that teachers can use in the classroom.
Posted 15 Apr 2012 By


For April 1, 2012: Recently, Cyberbee's search for information about fossil identification led him to neoK12. It offers a large collection of free videos and pictures on nearly every subject for grades K-12.
Posted 01 Apr 2012 By

Khan Academy

For March 15, 2012: "A free world-class education for anyone anywhere." That's the mission of Khan Academy featured on 60 Minutes. It is a place where students can go to view over 3,000 tutorials in many subject areas on many levels.
Posted 15 Mar 2012 By


For March 1, 2012: Want to easily integrate digital storytelling into your elementary classroom? Then, try StoryKit, a free app for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.
Posted 01 Mar 2012 By

Hearts at Home: Southern Women in the Civil War

For February 15, 2012: Using diaries, newspapers, manuscripts, and other primary source material, Hearts at Home: Southern Women in the Civil War, a University of Virginia Library website, presents a composite sketch of southern women in the Civil War.
Posted 15 Feb 2012 By

PBS Apps for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

For February 1, 2012: PBS is opening up its library of movies with its free iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch apps.
Posted 01 Feb 2012 By

Voices from the Days of Slavery

For January 15, 2012: Listen to former slaves describe their lives in Voices from the Days of Slavery: Former Slaves Tell Their Stories.
Posted 15 Jan 2012 By

The World in 1898

For January 1, 2012: Through its website The World in 1898, the Hispanic Division of the Library of Congress presents the Spanish-American War, offering valuable resources for teachers and students looking for primary source material.
Posted 01 Jan 2012 By

BBC Circuits and Conductors

For December 15, 2011: After your students have completed hands-on lessons with electrical circuits, send them to the BBC Circuits and Conductors site.
Posted 15 Dec 2011 By

Christmas Hangman

For December 1, 2011: Just in time for the holidays, a classic game for all to enjoy: Christmas Hangman, enhanced by online game developer Dimension's Edge.
Posted 01 Dec 2011 By

TED: Ideas Worth Spreading

For November 15, 2011: In a recent workshop given by Kathy Orr , library media specialist from Olentangy Liberty High School in Ohio, she discusses "filter bubbles" and how they affect searching on the Internet. To learn more about this fascinating concept, watch the video Eli Pariser: Beware online "filter bubbles."
Posted 15 Nov 2011 By


For November 1, 2011: This year marks the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War. The National Portrait Gallery's CivilWar@Smithsonian features a wide array of primary sources to help you teach and commemorate the event.
Posted 01 Nov 2011 By


For October 15, 2011: Check out this interesting twist to searching. Twurdy is a search tool that automatically displays results according to readability.
Posted 15 Oct 2011 By's Treebanding Project

For October 1, 2011: It's not too late to get involved with the Smithsonian's tree banding project You can do it now through
Posted 01 Oct 2011 By


For September 15, 2011: Teachers looking for a free and safe place to share student-produced videos should check out SchoolTube, the largest K-12 moderated video sharing website in the country.
Posted 15 Sep 2011 By

National September 11 Memorial & Museum Teach and Learn

For September 1, 2011: As the tenth anniversary of 9/11 approaches, the 9/11 Memorial Teach and Learn website can help teachers looking for ways to include these events into their classroom curriculum.
Posted 01 Sep 2011 By

Study Jams

For August 15, 2011: For elementary math and science teachers looking for videos or slide shows to introduce or augment a topic, check out Study Jams.
Posted 15 Aug 2011 By

Animated Knots by Grog

For August 1, 2011: Kids looking for a summer activity? Brush up on how to tie knots by watching animated illustrations at the user friendly Animated Knots by Grog website.
Posted 01 Aug 2011 By

For July 15, 2011: Ready for a summer adventure? Explore prehistoric Native American pictographs and petroglyphs by visiting the numerous links to galleries and museums at
Posted 15 Jul 2011 By

Take a Field Trip to the Field Museum

For July 1, 2011: If you haven't had an opportunity to visit the Field Museum in Chicago, you can explore some of its natural history treasures online.
Posted 01 Jul 2011 By

A Prairie Field Trip

For June 15, 2011: If there's one near you, visiting a prairie remnant makes a great field trip. For background, learn about the prairie regions of Ohio, native plants, and Making a Prairie Garden from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources' Ohio Prairies website.
Posted 15 Jun 2011 By

Free Nature Crafts

For June 1, 2011: Race into summer with a boatload of craft ideas from the Free Nature Crafts website that will keep kids busy outdoors.
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Vegetable Gardens for Kids

For May 15, 2011: Combine a lesson on nutrition with a hands-on activity in your school yard using these tips and resources on the Vegetable Gardens for Kids at the Growing website.
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For May 1, 2011: Help students hone their math skills with these entertaining games at MathNook. You can choose the level that meets the needs of your students, from basic computation to advanced equations.
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Star Walk and Sky Map

For April 1, 2011: With the new GPS technology on smart phones, you can use apps like Star Walk and Sky Map to look at the night sky in your specific location.
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U.S.G.S. Earthquake Hazards Program

For March 15, 2011: One of the best resources for earthquake information is from the U.S. Geological Survey: The U.S.G.S. Earthquake Hazards Program.
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Best Kid Apps

For March 1, 2011: There is an app for that, but which app is the best for kids? Visit Best Kid Apps to read reviews and ratings of iPhone, iPad, and Android applications.
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Any Video Converter

For February 15, 2011: Cyberbee is always on the look out for software programs that are easy to use, free, and help teachers with technology projects. Any Converter, for video files, is one such program that fits the bill!
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For February 1, 2011: Enhance your high school physics lessons with the information and video demonstrations from HyperPhysics, an award winning site hosted by the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Georgia State University.
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BrainPop Featured Movie App

For January 15, 2011: BrainPOP has hundreds of original animated movies covering a wide range of academic subjects. Now there's a BrainPOP app offering access to the free "movie of the day."
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End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center

For January 1, 2011: The Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, from the Clackamas County (Oregon) Heritage Partners, brings history alive through reenactments, videos, and print material. Historical information about the role of black pioneers in the settlement of Oregon is very informative.
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Science Kids

For December 15, 2010: Ready to spark scientific minds with some fun activities? Then, visit the Science Kids website, where you will find experiments on a variety of topics such as electricity, aerodynamics, and chemical reactions.
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Energy Quest

For December 1, 2010: At the Energy Quest website from the California Energy Commission, discover interesting facts about energy through a virtual interface.
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Robotics Museum

For November 15, 2010: Use the activities on the San Jose, California-based Tech Museum's robotics website to lay the foundation for studying robotics.
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Discover the Forest

For November 1, 2010: At the USDA Forest Service's and Ad Council's Discover the Forest website find a forest or park by typing in your zip code, then start exploring!
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Fear of Physics

For October 15, 2010: To students who think the field of physics is "mired with images of weird old men electrocuting themselves, strange equations, esoteric concepts, indecipherable books, etc.," the creators of the Fear of Physics website say: "NO WAY. Give it a chance!"
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Project Vote Smart

For October 1, 2010: Midterm Elections are just around the corner. Project Vote Smart is loaded with information about the candidates, including profiles, speeches, voting records, and campaign finances.
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For September 15, 2010: Parents, kids, and teens will discover a wealth of information reviewed by medical and health professionals at the KidsHealth website, from the Nemours Foundation's Center for Children's Health Media.
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Continental Congress and Constitutional Convention Broadsides

For September 1, 2010: Constitution Day is coming up, and the Library of Congress provides excellent related resources for teachers through its Documents from the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention web page.
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FREE: Federal Resources for Educational Excellence

For August 15, 2010: Search for exemplary lessons and information by topic or keyword at the free Federal Resources for Educational Excellence website.
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The Cemetery: History Written in Stone

For August 1, 2010: Discover history in your own backyard by exploring a local cemetery, with the help of the website The Cemetery: History Written in Stone. Cemeteries are great primary sources, with lots more than dates and names.
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International Spy Museum

For July 15, 2010: Spies are in the news, so visit the International Spy Museum if you're in Washington, D.C. this summer! Next best thing? Hit their International Spy Museum website! Be watching over your shoulder, though.
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Videocams R U: the Flip Ultra HD and the Kodak Zi8

For July 1, 2010: Need an inexpensive video camera to record interviews and other school events in high definition? There are two popular cameras that will fit the bill, the Flip UltraHD and the Kodak Zi8.
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For June 15, 2010: Create your own games using the templates provided by ClassTools. Add your own content and images, then copy the link to your blog or website.
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Dance Mat Typing

For June 1, 2010: This summer have your students hone their keyboarding skills with Dance Mat Typing. It's fun, easy to use, and geared for ages 7-11.
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21st Century Learning Commons

For May 15, 2010: Want to brush up on Web 2.0 technology tools, gather ideas to use in your classroom, or add some professional development to your portfolio? Visit INFOhio's 21st Century Learning Commons.
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Oil Spill as Teachable Moment!

For May 1, 2010: The huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a news maker that can be turned into a quick inquiry lesson for students. Try a lesson that Cyberbee has used with teachers and students to think about the best way to clean-up an oil spill. Then, visit NOAA's National Ocean Service website page.
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Stream Invertebrates Resources

For April 15, 2010: Meet the invertebrates through art and photography with help from, the website of the Bryant Watershed Education Project in south central Missouri.
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Lane Tech Murals

For April 1, 2010: Cyberbee (well, Cyberbee's creator, Linda Joseph) was in Chicago recently and had the opportunity to see first hand the restored paintings at Lane Tech High School.
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Discoveries and Breakthroughs Inside Science

For March 15, 2010: Looking for some video clips to complement science lessons? Discoveries and Breakthroughs Inside Science (DBIS) is a syndicated science and engineering news service for local television newscasts whose videos are available on the web.
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Women's History Month for Teachers

For March 1, 2010: Through a collaboration of several federal government agencies, at the Women's History Month for Teachers website, teachers are presented with a variety of primary source materials to use in their classrooms.
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For February 15, 2010: Introduce your middle school math students to topics that align with NCTM standards with the click of a mouse at the subscription-based Brainingcamp website.
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Database of Award-Winning Children's Literature

For February 1, 2010: Want to create a list of high-quality children's literature or find out if a book has won an award? Search librarian Lisa Bartle's Database of Award-Winning Children's Literature.
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Fresh from the World ... Where Your Food Comes From

For January 15, 2010: The interactive site Fresh from the World ... Where Your Food Comes From presents the history of 15 popular foods as well as how food is grown, processed, and distributed.
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National Agriculture Day

For January 1, 2010: Celebrate National Agriculture Day in your classroom or community. Each year the program promotes American agriculture and its essential role in maintaining a strong economy.
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Children's Picture Book Database at Miami University

For December 15, 2009: Build a thematic unit by searching the Children's Picture Book Database at Miami University, a great tool for elementary teachers who want to create reading lists to complement the curriculum.
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Amazon Interactive

For December 1, 2009: At Amazon Interactive, one of a multitude of Eduweb interactive learning sites developed with a range of partners, explore the geography of the Ecuadorian Amazon through online activities.
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Children & Nature Network

For November 15, 2009: The Children & Nature Network (C&NN) was created to encourage and support the people and organizations working worldwide to reconnect children with nature.
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Science Buddies

For November 1, 2009: Need ideas for a science project? Look no further than Science Buddies, a project of The Kenneth Lafferty Hess Family Charitable Foundation.
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Center for Technology and Teacher Education

For October 15, 2009: Teaching students how to think mathematically through hands-on technology is one of the goals at the Center for Technology and Teacher Education.
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Zoomify Express

For October 1, 2009: Zoomify Express is a slick tool for webmasters who want to magnify content ... ideal for enhancing primary sources such as maps, documents, and photographs.
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For September 15, 2009: Want to make a rubric, but don't have time or need some assistance? At the Rubistar website, you can choose from a variety of templates and work through a ten-step process.
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Charters of Freedom: The Constitution

For September 1, 2009: At the National Archives' Charters of Freedom website you can view original documents, read transcriptions, gather biographical information about the Founding Fathers who attended the 1787 Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, and more.
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Eyes on the Sky, Feet on the Ground

For August 15, 2009: Explore the wonders of astronomy at the Eyes on the Sky, Feet on the Ground website from the Smithsonian Institution through a variety of activities designed for elementary teachers and students.
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The Firefly Files

For August 1, 2009: Visit the Firefly Files site to learn fast facts about fireflies' classification, habitat, behavior, and bioluminescence, plus fun activities for stuying them.
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NREL: Learning About Renewable Energy

For July 15, 2009: The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has provided a website on energy efficiency and various applications of renewable energy including solar, wind, biomass, hydrogen, geothermal, ocean, and hydropower.
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Summer Whale Watching!

For July 1, 2009: Live by the ocean? Or not? Either way, learning about whales is a cool summer activity. Check out these two sites for loads of whale information.
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Kids Gardening—National Gardening Association

For June 15, 2009: With help from the website from the National Gardening Association, you can easily kindle an interest in gardening concepts with your students.
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Smokey Bear

For June 1, 2009: Smokey Bear has been around for 65 years promoting the prevention of wildfires. Visit Smokey’s website for some expert information for kids, plus perhaps some nostalgia for you!
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World Digital Library

For May 15, 2009: At the World Digital Library, your students can view primary sources of historical significance from around the world in multilingual formats.
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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

For May 1, 2009: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, aka the CDC, was founded in 1946 to help control malaria. Since that time it has expanded its focus to prevent and control chronic and infectious diseases (Swine flu? They're on it.), injuries, workplace hazards, disabilities, and environmental health threats.
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Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

For April 15, 2009: The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History makes primary source documents and educational resources from all eras of American history available for free through the Institute's website.
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Celebrate Arbor Day with the Arbor Day Foundation

For April 1, 2009: At the Arbor Day Foundation website, discover the history of Arbor Day plus a host of ways to incorporate it into the curriculum.
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By Popular Demand: “Votes for Women” Suffrage Pictures, 1850 - 1920

For March 15, 2009: At the “Votes for Women” Suffrage Pictures, 1850 – 1920 site in the Library of Congress’ American Memory Collection, students researching Women's History Month can find a selection of portraits featuring leaders of the suffrage movement.
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Jefferson Lab Science Education

For March 1, 2009: Hands-on science activities abound on the Jefferson Lab Science Education site produced by the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility.
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Abraham Lincoln Papers at the LOC

For February 15, 2009: Abraham Lincoln, one of the most popular presidents to govern this country, left a legacy of more than 20,000 documents, and you can access them at the Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress.
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Government Information Online: Ask a Librarian

For February 1, 2009: Through Government Information Online (GIO) you can ask questons of government information librarians who are experts at finding information from government agencies of all levels on almost any subject.
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For January 15, 2009: Gadgets and widgets are small applications that can be pasted on individual Web pages or a computer desktop. Visit Widgetbox to find hundreds of widgets already created and ready to go.
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EIA Energy Kids Page

For January 1, 2009: Need fast facts about energy sources, how they were/are formed, and their environmental impact? Start out at the federal government’s Energy Information Administration EIA Energy Kids Page.
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Presidential Inaugurations

For December 15, 2008: Want to know more about the traditions of past Presidential inaugurations? Get the scoop from the LOC’s American Memory collection and its Inaugurations Learning Page.
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Ippex Online

For December 1, 2008: Students will enjoy these virtual learning modules on matter, electricity and magnetism, energy, and fusion at the Interactive Plasma Physics Education Experience Online.
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For November 15, 2008: Try out BookHooks and introduce your younger students to a place where they can share their book reports with other readers in a safe environment.
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BBC Ancient History: Egyptians

For November 1, 2008: Highlighting the BBC Ancient History: Egyptians website are two outstanding interactive features that will mesmerize your students.
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Planet Orange and the World of Money

For October 15, 2008: Money and financial planning. Too boring for kids, right? NOT! Have them blast off to Planet Orange to explore the world of money.
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For October 1, 2008: Over 400 teacher-tested economic lessons are available for immediate use in the classroom at EconEdLink, from the National Council on Economic Education.
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The Thoreau Reader

For September 15, 2008: Learn about Henry David Thoreau and his writings at The Thoreau Reader, a comprehensive website featuring online versions of many of his books and lots of links and annotations about his literary works.
Posted 15 Sep 2008 By

Scholastic News Online - Election 2008

For September 1, 2008: From the Scholastic News Online - Election 2008 site you can meet the candidates, join an online discussion of campaign issues, cast your vote in a mock election, and more.
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The Graphic Site

For August 15, 2008: Need some great clip art for worksheets or letters to parents? You will love the graphics offered for teachers and students at The Graphic Site.
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Amusement Park Physics

For August 1, 2008: Plan a virtual field trip to Amusement Park Physics sponsored by the Annenberg Foundation, where the question is always, "What are the forces behind the fun?"
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Soil Science Education Page

For July 15, 2008: Down and dirty!: NASA and the Soil Science Society of America's Soil Science Education page is a tremendous site rich in content and detail.
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For March 15, 2008: At Coolmath4kids, there are dozens of thinking games that wll keep students occupied for hours.
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Educating About Agriculture

For March 1, 2008: If you are looking for information on the hot topic of biotechnology, for an annotated list of books about agriculture, or if you just need to know the date for National Cream Puff Day or International Pickles Week (!), then look no further than the American Farm Bureau Foundation's Educating for Agriculture website.
Posted 01 Mar 2008 By

Aboard the Underground Railroad: A National Register Travel Itinerary

For February 15, 2008: Aboard the Underground Railroad showcases 55 historic places that are listed in the National Park Service's National Register of Historic Places.
Posted 15 Feb 2008 By

NSF ScrubClub

For February 1, 2008: It's winter, and the height of the cold and flu season, time to meet The Scrub Club in their quest to encourage effective hand washing to avoid infections.
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Primary Soure Tool Kit

For January 15, 2008: There are times when we simply have to "hold" a resource, touch it, and see it firsthand. The Library of Congress’ Primary Source Tool Kit website can make this possible!
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Read Write Think

For January 1, 2008: Get Ready, Get Set, and Go directly to the Read Write Think site, from the IRA, the NCTE, and the Verizon Foundation, for lessons that can be selected by grade band, literacy strand, or literacy engagement.
Posted 01 Jan 2008 By

Real Clear Politics

For December 15, 2007: Politics and polling are upon us, and the RealClearPolitics website can help students understand polling data ... and polling as a whole.
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B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper

For December 1, 2007: Since 1996, B. J. Pinchbeck and his dad have maintained and regularly updated his Homework Helper website for students.
Posted 01 Dec 2007 By

Find Your Longitude

For November 15, 2007: In Find Your Longitude, a NOVA Online Adventure game from PBS, your students can find out why having a precise timepiece—a chronometer—helps determine your longitude.
Posted 15 Nov 2007 By

Java Applets on Physics: Walter Fendt

For November 1, 2007: Walter Fendt has created a fabulous set of Java applets that may be used by educators.
Posted 01 Nov 2007 By

The New Deal Network

For October 15, 2007: Study the Great Depression using the New Deal Network as an educational guide.
Posted 15 Oct 2007 By

Ken Burns: The Civil War, Telling a Story

For October 1, 2007: Practice constructing a digital story at the Ken Burns PBS Web site.
Posted 01 Oct 2007 By


For September 15, 2007: ReadPrint is a massive library of free online books that include authors such as Mark Twain, Stephen Crane, and H.G. Wells.
Posted 15 Sep 2007 By

The MY HERO Project

For September 1, 2007: The MY HERO project encourages families, schools, and organizations to publicly honor heroes that have made a difference through words, images, and short films.
Posted 01 Sep 2007 By

Personal Educational Press

For August 15, 2007: At Personal Educational Press, create free educational worksheets such as flashcards, game boards, and quizzes to print directly from your browser.
Posted 15 Aug 2007 By

National Park Service

For August 1, 2007: Plan a trip to one of America's national parks using the comprehensive directory at the National Park Service Web site.
Posted 01 Aug 2007 By

Personal Education Press

For July 15, 2007: Personal Educational Press lets you create free educational worksheets such as flashcards, game boards, and quizzes to print directly from your browser.
Posted 15 Jul 2007 By

Cultural Arts Resources for Teachers and Students

For July 1, 2007: The Cultural Arts Resources for Teachers and Students (C.A.R.T.S.) site is filled with folklore, history, culture, and arts-in-education resources and educational activities.
Posted 01 Jul 2007 By

pH Factor

For June 15, 2007: At the Miami Museum of Science's pH Factor site, elementary and middle school students can learn all about pH and have fun while doing so.
Posted 15 Jun 2007 By

Bubble Geometry

For June 1, 2007: Summer's almost here; time to focus on playing to learn, and the Bubble Geometry Web site offers opportunities for both. Pop on over!
Posted 01 Jun 2007 By

Jan Brett's Web Page

For May 15, 2007: Enter the world of author Jan Brett and you won't want to leave! Not only does she share her beautiful artwork for printing, but complete background information about her books.
Posted 15 May 2007 By

Bell LIVE! On the Prairie

For May 1, 2007: The prairie is one of North America’s great ecosystems and a vital habitat for many plants and animals. The Bell LIVE! On the Prairie site offers a great resource in understanding and restoring prairies.
Posted 01 May 2007 By


For April 15, 2007: At Moneyopolis, treat your students to a hands-on/minds-on money management and financial planning learning experience.
Posted 15 Apr 2007 By

National Paper Airplane Contest

For April 1, 2007: Use the National Paper Airplane Contest Web site from Scholastic as the basis for starting a paper airplane contest at your school.
Posted 01 Apr 2007

The Puzzle Center

For March 15, 2007: At APTE's free Puzzle Center, you can construct crosswords, word scrambles, and more ... and send them on to friends or students whose brains you want to tease!
Posted 15 Mar 2007 By

Learn to be Healthy

For March 1, 2007: At the Learn to Be Healthy Website, you'll find sample health science activities and lessons for all age levels.
Posted 01 Mar 2007 By


For February 15, 2007: Sponsored by the Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use, the Cyberbullying site provides the Educator's Guide to Cyberbullying, Parent's Guide to Cyberbullying, and links to real life stories.
Posted 15 Feb 2007 By

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

For February 1, 2007: At the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives , kids can "play" with loads of computer-based manipulatives created to help them visualize mathematical relationships.
Posted 01 Feb 2007 By

Span It: A Bridge Building Game

For January 15, 2007: Span It is an engineering simulation challenging kids to build--within budget!--bridges that will support designated loads, such as a freight train! It's fun, and not even too geeky!
Posted 15 Jan 2007 By


For January 1, 2007: NetSmartz is an educational resource for children, parents, and teachers on how to stay safe on the Internet.
Posted 02 Jan 2007 By

Etch A Sketch Online

For December 15, 2006: Remember Etch A Sketch? Well, it's still out there, and it's very popular. At the Etch A Sketch Web site, see how Etch A Sketch becomes an art form, then give it a try yourself.
Posted 15 Dec 2006 By

Fact Monster

For December 1, 2006: Fact Monster, a great, free research, homework help, and just plain fun site from Information Please, provides loads of features targeted to students.
Posted 01 Dec 2006 By

Nutrition Café

For November 15, 2006: At the Nutrition Café, "where nutrition information is fun,"students get to learn about and demonstrate their knowledge of nutritional facts.
Posted 15 Nov 2006 By


For November 1, 2006: You can encourage students to explore the world around them through Earthcaching--treasure hunting for the caches that the Earth has stored. Where do you start? Earthcache.
Posted 01 Nov 2006 By

School Science Fairs

For October 15, 2006: “You never know where a science fair project will take you.” That’s the philosophy behind the creation of the School Science Fairs Web site! Cyberbee says the site should be your first stop when looking for science fair project ideas.
Posted 15 Oct 2006 By

Droodles and Memory at Exploratorium

For October 1, 2006: Just for fun, test your visual memory at the Droodles and Memory page at the Exploratorium’s Web site. Your job is to try to remember—and draw—the droodles named with made up words.
Posted 01 Oct 2006 By

Committee for Citizen Awareness

For September 15, 2006: It’s election season and a time for civics lessons. The Committee for Citizen Awareness produces and distributes a series of educational civics videotapes, with titles including The U.S. Congress and You, Your Court System and You, The Executive Branch and You, and more.
Posted 15 Sep 2006 By

CampSilos: The History Center Excursion

For September 1, 2006: From the National Park Service's Silos and Smokestacks National Heritage Area (one of 27 federally designated heritage areas in the nation), the CampSilos History Center Excursion Web site lets your students role play as curators, historians, and archivists in a museum.
Posted 01 Sep 2006 By

H.I.P. Pocket Change

For August 15, 2006: Make your own change, learn how coins are made, and find out the latest news from the U.S. Mint’s H.I.P. Pocket Change site.
Posted 15 Aug 2006 By

DigiTales—The Art of Telling Digital Stories

For August 1, 2006: At DigiTales, multiple media and storytelling really come alive! The Web site presents seven steps to creating a 3-5 minute digital movie, with specific directions for each step.
Posted 01 Aug 2006 By

National Audubon Society

For July 15, 2006: The National Audubon Society's Web site is geared up for the society's centennial year. Check out some conservation history as well as features like guidance in setting up a bird-friendly back yard.
Posted 15 Jul 2006 By


For July 1, 2006: BubbleShare, “the best way to share your photos and the stories that go with them,” is worth considering if you want empower your students to create and share their work. Safety features included!
Posted 01 Jul 2006 By

Frogwatch USA

For June 15, 2006: Kids looking for a fun summer science activity? Frogwatch USA is a frog and toad monitoring program managed by the National Wildlife Federation in partnership with the United States Geological Survey. Go on! Wade in!
Posted 15 Jun 2006 By


For June 1, 2006: The USDA's Sci4Kids Web site is a series of stories for students ages 8-13 illustrating the work of the Agriculture Department scientists. Learn how satellites determine where cows Moo-ve (roam) and why that is important, how food might be grown in space, and lots more.
Posted 01 Jun 2006 By

A Maths Dictionary for Kids

For May 15, 2006: Amazing fact to illustrate the concept of "billion" that you can learn from A Maths Dictionary for Kids: You have 10 billion brain cells working for you right now! That, plus the opportunity to practice math skills, and more await your students at this animated, interective site.
Posted 15 May 2006 By

Kids in the Creek

For May 1, 2006: Gear up for a day at the creek with help and guidance from the Kids in the Creek Web site. You and your students will soon be testing Ph, water temperature, and dissolved oxygen, as well as collecting aquatic insects.
Posted 01 May 2006 By

The National Postal Museum

For April 15, 2006: Lots more fun than the I.R.S. (!), the federal government's National Postal Museum, a Smithsonian Institution museum, features exhibits such as Mail to the Chief, Object of the Month, and Posted Aboard R.M.S. Titanic at its Web site.
Posted 15 Apr 2006 By

Ohio Peregrine Falcons

For April 1, 2006: Each spring when the falcons nest, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources sets up the Ohio Peregrine Falcons site, using a live cam on the 41st floor of the Rhodes Tower in Columbus.
Posted 01 Apr 2006 By

Something Froggy!

For March 15, 2006: Life re-emerges as we spring into spring! Take frogs, for instance. At the Something Froggy Web site, choose from the Primary (K-3) or the Junior (4-8) version to learn about frogs and their life cycle.
Posted 15 Mar 2006 By

K8AIT's Kite Flying

For March 1, 2006: Ah, yes. March! That transitional, traditionally windy month. What you need is Kite Flying, a complete lesson on kite flying for all age levels.
Posted 01 Mar 2006 By

Electric Universe: The Power of Learning!

For February 15, 2006: Electric Universe is "a universe of information about electricity, how it affects our lives, and how to harness its power safely." Check out "Louie's Space" and other electrifying spots on the site!
Posted 15 Feb 2006 By

The Jigzone

For February 1, 2006: At The Jigzone, students can create, decipher, and otherwise work on jigsaw puzzles online.
Posted 01 Feb 2006 By

Been Here So Long: Selections from the WPA American Slave Narratives

For January 15, 2006: At FERI's Been Here So Long: Selections from the WPA American Slave Narratives site, 17 American Slave Narratives have been selected from approximately 2,300 that were compiled by the Federal Writers Project.
Posted 15 Jan 2006 By

Henry Box Brown

For January 1, 2006: Students will be fascinated by Henry Box Brown, who mailed himself to freedom. His story is told in UNC Chapel Hill's Documenting the American South digital publishing initiative.
Posted 01 Jan 2006 By

RIF Reading Planet

For December 15, 2005: At the RIF (Reading is Fundamental) site, the focus in on developing children's as well as family literacy programs. RIF's Reading Planet is full of fun activities that lead the way!
Posted 15 Dec 2005 By

Art Interactive, from the Hirschhorn

For December 1, 2005: Examine four different sculptures to discover how modern artists use different methods and materials to convey ideas at the Art Interactive site from the Hirschhorn.
Posted 01 Dec 2005 By

How Stuff Works

For November 15, 2005: Have you ever wondered "How Stuff Works?" ... as in how a microwave heats food or why a phone can still work when the electricity goes out? ...
Posted 15 Nov 2005 By

Newton's Castle

For November 1, 2005: Explore Newton’s Castle, a “stimulating journey into the revelations of Sir Isaac Newton,” where you can learn about his discoveries … and secret life! Learn about color, optical illusions, and lots more ... such as why dogs chase cars! (Did they have cars in Newton's day??)
Posted 01 Nov 2005 By

The Atoms Family

For October 15, 2005: Miami Museum of Science's Atoms Family Web site presents a seasonal way to explore energy forms, hosted by the likes of Wolfman, Count Dracula, and their ilk.
Posted 15 Oct 2005 By

The Ultimate Science Fair Resource

For October 1, 2005: Here's a quick reference on organizing a science fair project for your students to use.
Posted 01 Oct 2005 By

A Free, Cross-Platform Sound Editor ... Of All the Audacity!

For September 15, 2005: Audacity is a solid audio recording and editing program for the budget minded teacher, and here's where you can get it.
Posted 15 Sep 2005 By

The National Constitution Center's Constitutional Timeline

For September 1, 2005: Just right for the upcoming Constitution and Citizenship Day, Centuries of Citizenship: A Constitutional Timeline introduces key historical events while allowing students to think about the issues.
Posted 01 Sep 2005 By

Old Deerfield’s Memorial Hall Museum Online

For August 15, 2005: At the Memorial Hall Museum Online, explore the history of New England through artifacts and historic documents … even a “magic lens”!
Posted 15 Aug 2005 By

NBII’s Children’s Butterfly Web site

For August 1, 2005: Glorious to look at and a breeze to navigate, the Children’s Butterfly Web site is a great exploration starting point for students.
Posted 01 Aug 2005 By


For July 15, 2005: Coolmath4kids is loaded with thinking games that will keep kids occupied for hours, so it can make a good break from outside activities on a hot summer day.
Posted 15 Jul 2005 By

The San Diego Zoo Webcams

For July 1, 2005: Too hot? Check out polar bears and other critters cooling it in their simulated natural habitats at the San Diego zoo.
Posted 01 Jul 2005 By

The 1904 World's Fair (Louisiana Purchase Exposition)

For June 15, 2005: Enter the front gate, virtually, of the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis via this Web site developed by the St. Louis Public Library.
Posted 15 Jun 2005 By

Wild-Eyed Alaska--an Educational Exploration into Alaskan Wildlife

For June 1, 2005: Travel virtually--via videocam--to remote Gull Island in Kachemak Bay, Alaska, where puffins, kittiwakes, and other wildlife live during the all-too-brief but bright summer.
Posted 01 Jun 2005 By

Dino Russ’s Lair

For May 15, 2005: Time-warp back 65 million years with Dino Russ (aka geologist Russ Jacobson) to the age of dinosaurs.
Posted 15 May 2005 By

Artist D.B. Johnson's Web site

For May 1, 2005: Learn all about the artist D.B. Johnson and his unique process for creating the illustrations in his award-winning children's books based on the life of Henry David Thoreau.
Posted 01 May 2005 By

Geology at the Rock Hounds Web site

For April 15, 2005: Get ready for a summer geology adventure. Your budding rock hounds won't want to miss the Rock Hounds Web site ...
Posted 15 Apr 2005 By

Foolin’ Around With Picasso

For April 1, 2005: You can make your own Picasso-esque artistic masterpiece. It's April 1st, but we're not foolin'! Check out the Mr. Picassohead Web site ...
Posted 01 Apr 2005 By

A Weather Lesson from Edheads

For March 15, 2005: Swing into spring with a fantastic weather lesson from Edheads.
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Women’s Words of Wisdom: Thoughts Over Time

For March 1, 2005: March is Women's History Month and the Women's Words of Wisdom: Thoughts Over Time site is a great way to introduce women's history to students.
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