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IDEA WATCH: Trending Now … And Into the Future

Stephen Abram (see just above) isn't our only librarian, educator, and future-watcher! Carolyn Foote also chose to peer ahead at the future of the profession this issue, basing her comments on her own vast experience and on thoughts and writings gleaned from sources such as the book Library 2020 and the Center for the Future of Libraries "Trend Report."
Posted 01 Dec 2017- Nov/Dec 2017 Issue By

IDEA WATCH: Mobile Technology Goes Virtual–Using Virtual Reality in Education

Virtual reality was a hot topic at Austin's SXSWedu and SXSW Interactive conferences this past March. Carolyn looked and listened, with an ear to learning how VR can best be used in educational settings, and how to "not only consume it but turn our attention to student creation and what students can learn from being intentional creators of VR content."
Posted 01 May 2017- May/June 2017 Issue By

IDEA WATCH: School Libraries, Librarians, and Project-Based Learning–“Flexing” Library Spaces for Learning

Carolyn builds the case for flexible library spaces that support authentic inquiry and promote the kind of collaborative energy inherent in effective project-based learning.
Posted 01 Jan 2017- Jan/Feb 2017 Issue By

IDEA WATCH: Getting on Board With the DOE’s Future Ready Initiative

In June, the Department of Education Office of Ed Tech rolled out a new Future Ready Librarian initiative and framework that highlights the ways librarians can accelerate change to help their districts build future-ready schools. Learn more from Carolyn, and get on board!
Posted 01 Sep 2016- Sep/Oct 2016 Issue By

IDEA WATCH: Reinventing Libraries for the Future–Part 2

Like public libraries, school libraries and librarians are in transition. Identifying trends in the Aspen Institute's "Rising to the Challenge: Re-Envisioning Public Libraries" report can provide valuable insights into new thinking about school libraries as well.
Posted 01 Mar 2016- Mar/Apr 2016 Issue By

IDEA WATCH: Far Beyond Makerspaces—Reinventing Libraries for the Future

This issue, Carolyn has her eye on trends in the evolution of libraries as institutions and how librarians can provide the leadership to take their libraries, students, and schools toward that future.
Posted 01 Nov 2015- Nov/Dec 2015 Issue By

IDEA WATCH: Wear to Learn!?! Wearable Technology—Promises and Problems

From the Apple Watch to Fitbits to tech jewelry, the wearable technology market is beginning to take off. Other than geeking out at what will be possible with wearables like some futuristic fantasy out of a sci-fi movie, how does this apply to schools?
Posted 01 May 2015- May/Jun 2015 Issue By

IDEA WATCH: Ebooks–What Can We Learn From Students?

Ebook usage is taking off rather slowly in school libraries as compared to public libraries. With that in mind, Carolyn has dug into nationally gathered data on students and ebooks and is in the process of gathering and analyzing more locally. Learn how she's proceeding and what she's learning in this issue's Idea Watch.
Posted 01 Jan 2015- Jan/Feb 2015 Issue By

IDEA WATCH: The Twitter Edchat--A Global Tool, a Local Focus

Many techie educators rely on Twitter for their own professional development-culling helpful links or attending thematic edchats online that cross the boundaries of states and countries. But there is a growing movement to bring that Twitter PD opportunity home, within the boundaries of a district. Carolyn's got some ideas and example of what that looks like.
Posted 01 Sep 2014- Sep/Oct 2014 Issue By

IDEA WATCH: Dissecting Ebooks and Libraries--An Evolving Market

In theory, ebooks can provide your students with easy access from all of their devices to reading material, writes Carolyn. But for libraries, there are all sorts of issues to be resolved in order to offer ebooks to our students. Developing an ebook collection is more fraught with questions than answers.
Posted 01 Mar 2014- Mar/Apr 2014 Issue By

IDEA WATCH: Embracing Mobile Learning--Think "Flexibility" and "Adaptability"

As more mobile devices enter our schools, libraries have to be responsive, in the tools we use and also in the design and functionality of our physical spaces. We need to examine how our policies support what students need, rather than act as obstacles.
Posted 06 Nov 2013- Nov/Dec 2013 Issue By

IDEA WATCH: Making Space for Makerspaces

Makerspaces in school libraries are a natural fit with the mission of the library—and they are springing up in public libraries all over, providing excellent models for school libraries.
Posted 01 Sep 2013- Sep/Oct 2013 Issue By

IDEA WATCH: For Ebooks, the Future Is Now … Maybe

More and more ebook vendors are entering the market, yet there are still many particular needs schools have that are simply not being met, according to Carolyn. Read her dissection of the current state of ebook affairs … and what's needed to improve it.
Posted 01 May 2013- May/Jun 2013 Issue By

IDEA WATCH: Live-Blogging Learning

Live-blogging is commonly used for online events, but it has made only a slow entry into the classroom and into library instruction, despite the fact that research studies show it to be an effective learning tool, not to mention a means of communication that students are familiar with.
Posted 01 Mar 2013- Mar/Apr 2013 Issue By

IDEA WATCH: Innobrarians--Librarians as Innovators

Librarians now have opportunities not only to curate information but to be leaders in their schools as innovators and change agents who bring new ideas and tools into the educational mix. Carolyn's got it covered.
Posted 01 Jan 2013- Jan/Feb 2013 Issue By

IDEA WATCH: The 1:1 Experience--An Idea Worth Watching

A year ago, Carolyn's high school rolled out 1:1 iPads to all of its teachers, juniors, and seniors. After a year of working in a 1:1 iPad environment, it's clear that the devices have changed a lot about how the school works—for the better!
Posted 01 Nov 2012- Nov/Dec 2012 Issue By

IDEA WATCH: Data Delivery--Getting the Story Out

Carolyn considers this time whether educators—and school librarians in particular—are getting the right message out to administrators, in the right way, and even to the right audience. Read her conclusions here. Hint: Don't dump data; tell a story!
Posted 01 Sep 2012- Sep/Oct 2012 Issue By

IDEA WATCH: The Power of Gaming--Student Engagement, Buy-In, and Fun

Carolyn Foote, our newest columnist, recently attended the South by Southwest Education Conference in Austin, Texas, where she was intrigued by the ideas of author and game designer Jane McGonigal. That got Carolyn thinking about the emotional benefit we get from game-playing.
Posted 01 May 2012- May/Jun 2012 Issue By
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